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Thursday, August 28, 2008

An Egg by any Other Name...

Okay grandma's, eggs DO have other names. Don't let me eat anything with the following names on the label:

  • Albumin/Albumen
  • Conalbumin
  • Egg Substitutes, e.g., Egg Beaters, etc.
  • Globulin
  • Livetin
  • Lysozyme
  • Meringue
  • Ovalbumin
  • Ovoglobulin
  • Ovolactohydrolyze proteins
  • Ovomacroglobulin
  • Ovomucin, ovomucoid
  • Ovotransferrin
  • Ovovitellin
  • Silico-albuminate
  • Simplesse (a fat substitute)
  • Vitellin

Possible sources of egg to look out for include the following:

Alcoholic cocktails/drinks (such as sweet Marsala), eggnog, foam/milk topping on coffee
Baby food
Baked goods, baking mixes, confectionary (e.g. candy, chocolate)
Battered/fried foods
Creamy dressings, salad dressings, spreads (e.g. mayonnaise)
Desserts (e.g. custard, dessert mixes, ice cream, pudding)
Egg/fat substitutes
Icing, glazes (e.g. egg wash on baked goods, nougat)
Meat mixtures (e.g. hamburger, hot dogs, meatballs, meatloaf, salami, etc.)
Pancakes, waffles, French toast
Pasta (e.g. egg noodles)
Quiche, soufflé
Soups, sauces (e.g. béarnaise, hollandaise, newburg)

There are also other names for peanuts:

  • Arachis Oil
  • Beer Nuts
  • Cacahouete/cacahouette/cacahuete
  • Goober nuts, goober peas
  • Ground nuts
  • Mandelonas, Nu-Nuts
  • Nut meats
  • Valencias

Possible sources of peanuts:

Artificial nuts (peanuts that have been altered to look and taste like almonds, pecans and walnuts)
Baked goods and mixes
Ethnic foods (curries, egg rolls, satays)
Fried foods
Hydrolyzed plant protein/vegetable protein (source may be peanut)
Peanut oil
Snack foods and confectionary
Soup, sauces and gravy


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August 14, 2008
Mommy, grandma Christensen and I went over to Dr. Petty's office for my allergy test in Idaho Falls. For a scratch test they rate:

1+ (Mild)
2+ (Moderate)
3+ (Severe)
4+ (Very severe)

What are my most severe?

Eggs; including anything made from an egg. Do you realize how many things are made up with eggs? Check some labels and you'd be suprised. (Egg white 4+, egg yolk 3+)

Peanuts (which mommy never gave me anyways) (4+)

Strawberries and Watermelon (I didn't get tested for these because the allergic reaction was strong without having to test these yummy fruits. I'll miss you watermelon!! (These are probably both 4+.)

Cute Cats (4+)

Yucky tobacco. Thank heavens I'm not around that! (4+)

Kochia Weeds (4+)

Lamb's Quarter (4+)

Pigweed, Rough/Redroot (4+)

Russian Thistle (4+)

I received 2+ in the following moderate allergens:

  • alternaria (decaying plants)
  • feather mix
  • peas
  • walnuts

I received 1+ in the following mild allergens:

  • helminthosporium (grasses and grains)
  • grain mill dust
  • house dust
  • dog dander/hair
  • oranges
  • potatoes
  • soybean

I also received very mild 1/2+ in the following:

  • oats
  • wheat

It's a good thing some of those things aren't higher or I'd starve! Dr. Petty said not to worry too much about the 1+ and 2+ allergies right now so I still get to eat or be around them. Yea! I can still play with granma's doggies Rowdy and Dulce!!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Doctor Day in I.F.

Me at Garcia's.

I love peach smoothies!

At the dermatologist.

At mommy and grandma's doctor.

I loved this skeleton. I even gave him hugs and kisses!

Hiding under the exam table.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Playtime with Sarah!

This is Sarah my developmental specialist. Mommy and daddy call these sessions developmental therapy but I just call it play time! She gets to play with me every Wednesday for an hour.

I loved to throw the ball!

I love playing with this train. The animals make sounds!

Every time Sarah gets ready to go she pulls out the bubbles.

I have so much fun trying to pop the bubbles.


Thanks Sarah!