Saturday, February 21, 2009

Silly Straws


Class Party

My grandma Christensen helped out at my very first Valentine school party!

We played a game where we threw rings on the octopus arms.

Silly boy!

There's me in the background!

The other kids were being such "hams" and kept getting in the way when grandma wanted to take my picture.

Just checkin' it out.

Hee hee!

This is fun to put on my head!

All our Valentine goodies!
That's my teacher Mrs. Snyder in the red sweater.

Yummy snack time!

I like bananas.

We played bingo with candy hearts. Most of us started eating the hearts before the games started!

I was the first to win and I got a sucker!

Whoa, what do I got in there?

There's too much to see.

I gotta start dumping it out.

Hope you had a great Valentine's day!


Friday, February 20, 2009


These are all my valentines I got from school.

Some of them had yummy candy!

I loved this heart.

And of course the sucker too!
I love Valentine's Day!!

I also loved my valentine's day balloons!
What a fun day!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

My valentine's day started out with a heart pancake.


Get in my belly!

So good!

This is a heart grandma and grandpa Jensen gave me.

I had chocolates too but mommy took them away before I noticed. I guess the ingredients had egg whites in it so I couldn't have it.

But that's okay. I loved my heart!

It even made a good hat!

Collin gave me a pretty pony!

It started attacking the kitty.

At least the kitty was tough!

Then I got more loot from mom and dad.

I liked my dress up jewelry!

It had a hair clip.

And bracelets.

And earrings.

And necklaces.

Then I started in on the candy jewels!

And took a few licks of a sucker while putting on rings.


I love to dress up.

Later that night we ate at the big table.


We had yummy pizza!

Most of it made it to my mouth!